Goddess Stories  

Telling Tales of the Sacred Feminine  

What wisdom can we learn from Ancient Indian Goddess stories?

Indian Goddess Stories are rich, featuring diverse and powerful feminine faces. From devout consort Goddesses such as Sītā, to fierce martial mothers such as Durgā, these captivating characters have much to teach.

Each class integrates academic content, captivating storytelling and esoteric exposition. 

We will also examine specific yoga postures connected with Goddess Stories.

This 4-week online course is taught by renowned online teacher Dr. Raj Balkaran. It draws from his new book The Stories Behind the Poses.

***This course counts as 12 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit***

Stories Covered

  • Stories of Sound
    • Sarasvatī and Sacred Sound (Swan Pose)
    • The Goddess Saves Creation (Navel Pose)

  • Stories of Separation
    • Sītā, Born of the Earth (Plough Pose)
    • Sītā’s Seperation (Crane Pose)

  • Stories of Slaughter
    • Kālī and the Scorpion’s Sting (Scorpion Pose)
    • Cāmuṇḍā and Divine Decapitation (Leg Behind Head Pose)

  • Stories of Service
    • Lakṣmī: The Birth of Abundance (Lotus Pose)
    • Hanumān and Feminine Power (Crescent Moon Pose)

Learning Outcomes

  • ™Goddess stories and their profound meanings
  •  ™Goddess significations and archetypal energy
  •  ™Goddess mantras
  •  ™Insight into key yoga postures related to Goddess Stories
  •  ™Insight into human nature and spiritual evolution

Classes Include

  • Live storytelling 
  • Academic content
  • Wisdom teachings


Module 1
Stories of Sound

Module 2 
Stories of Separation 

Stories of Slaughter

Module 4
Stories of Service 

 Stories of Sound 

"Sarasvatī and Sacred Sound" (Swan Pose)

"The Goddess Saves Creation" (Navel Pose)

Module 1

Stories of Separation 

"Sītā, Born of the Earth" (Plough Pose)

"Sītā’s Seperation" (Crane Pose)

Module 2

 Stories of Slaughter

"Kālī and the Scorpion’s Sting" (Scorpion Pose)

"Cāmuṇḍā and Divine Decapitation" (Leg Behind Head Pose)

  Module 3

Stories of Service  

"Lakṣmī: The Birth of Abundance" (Lotus Pose)

"Hanumān and Feminine Power" (Crescent Moon Pose)

 Module 4


Course Instructor 

Dr. Raj Balkaran is an expert in Indian traditions. Skilled at applying ancient Indian teachings to modern life, he dovetails academic training, live storytelling, and life wisdom to nourish his students’ hearts and minds alike.

He is also an avid spiritual practitioner and initiate into ancient Indian wisdom practices, which he has been engaged in for nearly two decades. He has literally done thousands of hours of mantra practice.

He has extensive experience teaching academics, continuing studies learners, and practitioners alike, and is a seasoned online educator who serves on the Course Development Board at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

See https://rajbalkaran.com for more information. 

Questions about this course?
Contact him directly at [email protected].


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