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What is the School's Mission?

The Indian Wisdom School provides students with the opportunity not only to learn about Indian Wisdom Traditions, but to learn from them. It integrates scholarship, storytelling, and profound spiritual teachings from ancient India to facilitate embodied online learning. Steering clear of over-intellectualization, reduction, delusion or dogma, the School leverages wisdom teachings from the mythological, philosophical, and spiritual traditions of ancient India to support meaningful living for modern student-seekers. 

Who is the School for?

The School is for smart spiritual seekers around the globe wanting to harness the power of Indian wisdom traditions for their personal, emotional, intellectual or spiritual growth. It's not for those who just want to learn about Indian Wisdom Traditions, but for those who want to learn from them. It is for lifelong learners, smart seekers, serious yoga practitioners, or any interested layperson looking for spiritual nourishment. No background knowledge is required, only a desire to learn core truths about the human experience as expressed in the Wisdom Traditions of ancient India. The School of Indian Wisdom is not for reductionists, nor is it for dogmatists; it is for people who want to feed their minds and souls alike. 

What approach does the School take?

The Indian Wisdom School integrates scholarly content, mythological storytelling, and spiritual insight for the sake of facilitating embodied life wisdom. The School does not espouse a reductionist paradigm; it embraces the spiritual teachings found in Sanskrit texts of ancient India and in the living Indian wisdom traditions. It celebrates the human spirit and broaches life's mysteries. The School adopts a holistic pedagogy: scholarship is hollow without spirituality, and spirituality shortsighted without scholarship. 

Who teaches at the School?

The School of Indian Wisdom was founded in 2021 by Dr. Raj Balkaran who has advanced academic degrees in Sanskrit texts as well as advanced spiritual training in Indian wisdom traditions. Beyond being a prolific scholar of Indian myth, he has been initiated into Indian Wisdom Traditions from multiple lineal teachers and apprenticed with an Indian spiritual master for twelve years. He has a very active research portfolio and has been engaged in daily spiritual practice and study for twenty years. He also has extensive experience speaking, coaching, and teaching academics to continuing studies learners and practitioners alike. He is a seasoned online educator who teaches online courses at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Yogic Studies and Embodied Philosophy. See https://rajbalkaran.com for more information. 

What is included in School courses?

Each Indian Wisdom School course includes (lifetime access):

  • 4 60-minute Pre-Recorded Video Lectures (also available audio-only)
  • 4 60-minute Live Zoom Q&A Sessions (recorded if you can‚Äôt make it live)
  • PDF of¬†Course Readings
  • Access to School‚Äôs Private Facebook Group where you can connect with its Global Wisdom Community
  • Access to weekly Live Zoom Wisdom Transmissions
  • Access to Dr. Raj Balkaran¬†¬†
  • 12¬†hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit¬†
  • 30-Day Full Refund Guarantee
Yantra, The Indian Wisdom School, Shakti Mantras, yoga teachings, shakti sanskrit, dr. balkaran, online school